Only in Paris

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In tribute to the sad events happening in Paris, I am reminded of our trip to Paris last year. As always, the markets of a city or a town tell so much of the character of a place.

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Okay, so they weren’t all markets……

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I think we’ve covered all the major food groups for lunch…cheese, bread and wine…and of course the local patisserie…I loved the sing-song way they would say

“”Bonjour Madame!

…Bonjour Monsieur!”

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You’d think these pesty tourists would let a cat sleep….

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Our apartment was above the patisserie and the chocolate shop….the smells each morning were wonderful…

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IMG_0448 2 (1024x798)When we  came back from sightseeing the markets were packed up for the night, and…..someone has made an bouquet  of the scraps of fruit and vegetable

…only in Paris

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All photos copyrighted by Gerrie Mackey

12 thoughts on “Only in Paris

  1. Bec

    Lovely tribute to paris. Using the vibrancy of the markets as a metaphor for the city as a whole. The last photo is particularly poignant today I think.

  2. Jason

    Thank you for this post, it reminds me of the two trips we took to Paris, each a really magical experience. We stayed at a place near the Botanic Garden on the Rue Mouffetard.

    1. germac4 Post author

      Glad you enjoyed your trips as much as we did. We missed the Botanic Gardens, but did take a trip out to Monet’s Gardens.

        1. germac4 Post author

          I thought of putting a couple of photos of Monet’s garden into the post, but it was raining the day we went and the photos were a bit dark. However, the gardens were an inspiration anyway, as with so many of the lovely parks and gardens in Paris.

    1. germac4 Post author

      Yes, those bit and pieces do look edible, I thought the same when I took the photos. Thanks for the comment.


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