Summertime with the birds

Here comes trouble…

IMG_3279 (1024x838)

I wonder how long it would take me to undo that?

IMG_3281 (909x1024)       Just waiting for my buddies…

IMG_8106 (1024x936)

Time to crack open a few almonds sitting on the carport roof……

IMG_2042 (1024x555)

IMG_2044 (1024x597)

and he said and she said…

IMG_2046 (1024x477)

Meanwhile, early morning in the garden on a very hot day, all the birdbaths are ready…

IMG_8138 (1024x768)

magpies always wait their turn….

IMG_1725 (1024x678)

Wattle birds are in and out like a flash, drying off on the camellias…

IMG_0909 (1024x957)

Softly, softly, with parrots, much too shy to come out if the cockatoos are around

IMG_3254 (1024x992)

and for the sheer joy of living, here is our baby magpie enjoying the sprinkler…

IMG_2316 (1024x820)

Oh the sheer anticipation of that sprinkler…here I go….

IMG_2317 (1024x861)

IMG_2312 (1024x812)

..adrenaline rush…..Quick back up on the pot to do it all again..

Where would we be without them?




24 thoughts on “Summertime with the birds

    • The cockatoos are real characters and easy to photograph, but actually the magpies are the birds that are almost tame in our garden.

    • I know crows can be dreadful, and we have currawongs that would love to get into our garden, but Paul is pretty good at chasing them off (sometimes with a broom!).They don’t pay any attention to me at all!

    • The parrot is called a Crimson Rosella, and I agree, is quite beautiful. But for personality plus, and photo opportunities, you just can’t beat the cockatoos!

  1. So nice to see the cockatoos wild and free. I loathe seeing any bird caged, especially these beauties. Your other birds are splendid. Thanks for sharing! What fine hosts you are! Happy 2016!

    • Thanks Sylvia, we have spent more time in the garden now that we have makes a difference pulling out weeds every day! Yes, the parrots are lovely around here, and most are just tame enough to come down to birdbaths.

    • Yes, birds are fascinating to watch in the garden. I’m glad you liked the little magpie, he/she was a real favourite last year…

    • I’m glad you liked the baby magpie, I was afraid the photos were not very clear, but his/her enthusiasm for that sprinkler was wonderful to watch.

  2. That is great to have cockatoos in the garden. I know they are very destructive though. I have one I want to send back. He has been with me over 30 years too. I love all the birds you showed. Beautiful.

    • Thanks Donna…yes I know how destructive cockatoos can be and luckily most cockatoos only come to our garden for the almonds…the parrots are much better behaved!

    • Yes, they are all wild, which is lovely. Glad you liked the baby magpie, I was afraid the photos weren’t clear enough to show him jumping off that flower pot! Thanks for stopping by..

    • Thanks Dina…. one of the joys of blogging is being able to share photos like the one of the little magpie leaping into the water, glad it brought on a smile!

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