A dawn walk at the National Arboretum and a stirring to my heart..

We have had some hot humid days in late January and February….and some nights are warm and uncomfortable.

The best part of the day is early morning…and here we are, off to the National Arboretum to watch the sun rise.  I took a photo of the view as we left home, the cloud was just rising across the Brindabella Mountains..

The Arboretum is beautiful in the early morning and the light was shining right across the trees and rolling hills.

As we walked down the path from Dairy Farm Hill we could see the dome of the Village Centre.

The sun came out as we walked slowly down the mountain.

Along the wider paths below there were a few groups of cheerful early morning cyclists, unfortunately they had disappeared, before I had a chance to take a photo..

The photo below was taken at another day and time, but shows Lake Burley Griffin and parts of the city..

As we walked towards the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion (where our daughter recently got married) we came across three magpies, singing to their heart’s delight. Magpies have a lovely melodious song, and even more so when there are three of them in tune.

Two of them became a bit bashful, and left it to the youngest one to continue the song by herself…..very brave for such a young one! She did a good job too.

My father, who is Scottish, always said that listening to the Welsh or Scottish rugby teams singing the anthem before a game , “brought a stirring to his heart

Well, I feel that about Magpies, singing away in the early morning….. it brings a stirring to my heart.

Once the Magpie had finished we walked along the pretty Crepe Myrtle pathway, back to the carpark….

A happy start to the day, and it turned into a sunny but mild day… my favourite! 

Best wishes to everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

Another favourite of mine is the Desiderata poem:

“With all its sham and drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.”

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14 Replies to “A dawn walk at the National Arboretum and a stirring to my heart..”

    1. Thanks Sylvia, yes, peaceful is the right word, I enjoyed getting up early too! Hope all goes well, are you doing more travelling this year?

      1. Not sure yet about travelling this year. We are considering a few options . I have a bit of a health worry at the moment, but I’m hoping it resolves itself.

    1. Thanks Laurie…yes, I agree, I’m sure almost everyone has the stirring to the heart, and I was thinking of asking readers what brought a stirring to the heart. I bet lots of people would say music.

  1. Lovely serene post to start my day, Geraldine.
    Scottish bagpipes stir my heart – a musical ode to our Scottish fathers to be sure!

    1. Yes! The Scottish bagpipes bring a stir to my heart too, partly because it brings back so many memories of my Dad and yours.

  2. What an amazing walk. The landscape is beautiful, and I can only imagine adding the Magpie music to it. The photo that includes the bench is A+. It might even need a frame. 🙂 Thank you for the Crepe Myrtle photo. We can’t grow them at home, and all I ever see here in SC is bare naked trees trimmed to look like someone went crazy with the pruners. I’ve never seen them with leaves or flowers. They are beautiful. You certainly live in a beautiful part of our world, and I always appreciate your sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks for your kinds words Judy, it is lovely to see other countries through the eyes of fellow bloggers, a very companionable way to learn about parts of the world! I have learnt a lot! I was interested to read that you can’t grow Crepe Myrtles in your part of the world, of course I should have known that. Crepe Myrtles are very popular in summer in Canberra, and this year they have been very colourful and lovely because they have had plenty of rain, and hot weather….. a Crepe Myrtle’s dream. I will take some photos of our Crepe Myrtles for my next post.
      Enjoy your time in SC..

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