Canberra in late spring: ladders and gardens….

Lately we’ve had a very busy time spring cleaning the house and garden.

Paul suggested painting the cabin, which was long overdue. The good news was we had recently bought (at great expense) a very solid and reliable ladder.

However, I had recently read about the many household and garden accidents as a result of home usage of ladders.

Despite our new ladder, I was concerned about “the father of the bride”.

So, it was agreed, I would come out and hold the ladder where there were uneven surfaces.

Everything went smoothly, and while I held the ladder occasionally , I had time to look around the garden, on that lovely warm spring day..

While I stood holding the ladder, I saw some of the flowers in the garden that I hadn’t noticed recently. When there was a chance, I went inside to get my camera.

Love in the mist …taking over the garden, but in a pleasant way..

After a while I sat in a garden seat, but still kept an eye on Paul’s progress, especially when he changed the position of the ladder.

From my new position, it seems the garden is changing daily. The last of the sweet peas have almost doubled in size, competing with the hedge to reach the sun. They still have their wonderful scent, which always reminds me of my mother.

The Wormwood shrub was shining in the sun, whereas the Chinese lanterns in the photo below are closing up….. enough sun!


The Lupin above has been featured in a previous post of mine, and I’m proud of this showy shrub because we have tried to grow them in previous years, with no luck.

However from my observation garden seat, I noticed for the first time that the Lupin had several saplings self seeded in the pathway! I’m now hoping we can grow more Lupins for the garden.

Years ago, I read and kept a great quote from a fellow gardening blogger, Rhonda, whose blog is called Down to Earth.

A garden will give you much more than vegetables, herbs, and fruit…..if you let it. It gives a sense of peace and connecting with the natural world, a place to think and a quiet haven from a noisy world…When you create your garden make sure you have a few seats to remind you to linger……”

It is lovely to turn into our street and see the beautiful Brindabella Mountains, everything is looking green and we are all hoping for a peaceful summer without bushfires.

Best wishes, and where ever you are in this noisy world, may you find a quiet haven.

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12 Replies to “Canberra in late spring: ladders and gardens….”

  1. Beautiful shots of your garden and plants. I had luck with Lupins this year for the very first time as well. Here’s hoping our luck continues. πŸ™‚ As we mature, ladders are a challenge and a good sturdy one, light weight and with large steps, is well worth the money. I’ve purchased three in the last few years. I have a 4′ and a 7′ in our garage for outside work and a 4′ for inside. I must admit I use to climb onto a chair, but when a friend fell off one and was hurt, I spent the money on new ladders. Maturity + safety = good practice. πŸ™‚

    1. I agree Judy, much better to have a few good ladders, for different needs. You are so right about large steps, that makes a big difference to the ladder, and makes you feel more secure.
      I’m interested to read you’ve had success with Lupins this year too…I’ve tried a few years ago, with no luck, and just thought Lupins don’t like our climate, but this year… success!

  2. I hope that you avoid bushfires this year. I like your lupins. They grow freely here without much effort from the gardener.

    I must say I prefer a straight ladder than leans rather than a step ladder like yours. I always feel very nervous when I am up our set of steps.

    1. I hope our Lupins will oblige us, a great deal depends on how hot our summer will be this year.
      Yes, it is interesting to read comments on ladders. I think a ladder on an uneven surface is nerve wrecking regardless of the type of ladder.

    1. I thought I had replied to your comment, so sorry for the delay Dina, and thanks for the comment. Yes, everything is flowering in the garden at the moment, and we have had some rain, which we need to avoid bushfires.
      I hope all goes well with you and your family.

  3. Your late spring garden looks wonderful, Gerrie! It is so nice to see flowers in bloom and sunshine as opposed to my view of leafless trees and damp. Both Richard and I will use stepladders but have given up using leaning ladders. Unlike Tootlepedal we both feel safer on a stepladder! Your mountain view is glorious!

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