Fishermans Bay: New Zealand, a trip down memory lane..

In the last few weeks, my camera died completely (after valiant service), and within a day my computer broke down. We took trip to Sydney, and we were delayed a day because we had a puncture in the car tyre (this is starting to sound like a country and western song)

……and so close to Christmas!

Fortunately everything is going well now. However, without my camera I was at a loss to send a post before Christmas. As good fortune would have it, a couple of days ago, Face Book sent me a “memory” showing some photos of our visit to a wonderful garden in New Zealand in December 2019.

The garden, called Fishermans Bay is in the south Island of New Zealand, and nearby the picturesque bay called Akaroa. I hope readers who have seen my post on Fishermans Bay in 2019 won’t mind seeing this gorgeous garden again, not to mention Akaroa itself.

The holiday house we rented in Akaroa was proof alone that the town and surrounds had an abundance of flowers and greenery and gorgeous gardens . ..

We walked across the lovely gardens to have coffee by the bay each morning. .

Akaroa Bay is wonderful in the soft afternoon light. …

Fishermans Bay Garden was a scenic drive out of Akaroa, along a dramatic coastline.

Jill Simpson is the gardener helped along by her husband Richard. As it was mid-December, and almost Christmas , it was especially kind of Jill and Richard to allow us plenty of time to wander through this splendid garden.

They did casually tell us they have ten children between them, and a full house for Christmas!

Needless to say, Paul and I both spent time admiring the garden, and taking quite a few photos.

We were extremely lucky to have such a warm sunny day, the weather was near perfect. …

Many thanks to Jill and Richard, this is a garden we will never forget…

View of the Banks Peninsula from the Fishermans Bay garden..

Best wishes to everyone for a very happy Christmas and may the New Year bring some joy and tranquillity.

Copyright Geraldine Mackey: All Rights Reserved.

8 Replies to “Fishermans Bay: New Zealand, a trip down memory lane..”

  1. Glad you got your camera, computer and car all fixed! I’ve been to Akaroa, and it is indeed a lovely place. but we missed those gardens. If we ever get down there again will look out for them.

    1. Yes, the garden was great, I should also mentioned the food was pretty good everywhere we went. Surprisingly the butcher also made delicious lunches with baguettes with lots of lovely fillings, we bought one and sat by the water and ate it…… a lovely memory.

  2. As I sit this morning in the land of gray, gloom, and impending rain, your photos of this gorgeous landscape are certainly appreciated. I always wonder why when it seems like one thing happens, it starts a cascade of things going wrong. I hope your computer is back up and running and Santa brings you a new camera. 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2024.

  3. They do say that trouble s come in threes. So hopefully there will be no more break downs in the foreseeable future.
    You’ve posted some lovely memory photos, Gerrie. The gardens are really gorgeous.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and only good things in the new year.

    1. Thanks Sylvia, fortunately the car and computer are running very smoothly now.(a new camera will have to wait until the new year.) I’m glad you liked the gardens, New Zealand is hard to beat when it comes to gardens!
      Are you travelling again in the New Year? How is everyone in your family? My cousin has spent some time in Cape Town and Umshlanga this year, her Mum is 98 years old!

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