Anzac Day, the 7th Light Horse Harden Brigade, and Anzac biscuits in Jugiong

Australia and New Zealand have a national day of remembrance for the first landing of the Anzacs at Gallipoli and it is also a day to remember all those who served and died in all wars.

Traditionally Anzac Day begins with a dawn service and then a commemorative march through cities, country towns and villages, in both Australia and New Zealand.

In Canberra people gather for the dawn service along Anzac Parade, looking up towards the War Memorial.

The Australian War Memorial looks across Anzac Parade to Parliament House

This year, there were record numbers of crowds at the dawn services and marches all over the country, perhaps as there have been no services in the last two years as a result of Covid.

However, more likely, the graphic and desperate war inflicted on the Ukraine has been a salutary reminder of the horrors of war, the effect on ordinary people, and the fragility of democracy.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canberra

Paul and I often walk past the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and see the many tributes and flowers offered to the Ukraine people. Some of the posters and art work from the local schools are extremely moving.

For many people Anzac Day is a once in year event when they can enjoy time with colleagues, friends and families. Not far from Canberra in the country town called Harden, the first Light Horse Brigade was formed over a century ago. (This Brigade was one of the founding units which made up the Australian Light Horse when all mounted troops were amalgamated in 1903 as a result of Federation)

The 7th Light Horse Harden Brigade Photo: Aussie Towns.

Although we have not yet seen the Harden-Murrumburah march, Paul and I know this area well because we often travel along the Hume highway on our way to Melbourne to visit our daughter and family.

The village of Jugiong is nestled in amongst the Poplar trees. Photo: Aussie Towns.

We always break our journey at one of the nearby villages called Jugiong. This is farming area, with plenty of history, a stopping place for farmers, and families who are camping along the Murrumbidgee River.

cattle being herded through Jugiong Photo: visit

We have never seen cattle being herded through the town, but you never know what you are going to find in a country town..

However, we stop off in Jugiong, like many others, to visit the unassuming looking Long Track Pantry.

Long Track Pantry in Jugiong Photo:

Juliet and Huw Robb, owners of Long Track Pantry combine their interest and knowledge of food, recipes, and cooking with local produce to make delicious light meals, homemade cakes, biscuits and scones, lovely frozen meals…the list goes on.

Juliet Robbs, owner of Long Track Pantry

They also have Jules Leneham, a Cordon Bleu trained private caterer who runs cooking classes every Tuesday. Needless to say, we always organise our travelling to avoid Tuesday as the café is closed for the classes.

However, we always choose some of their lovely frozen meals to take with us to Melbourne (and on the return trip home…their soups are delicious in winter after a long drive) Occasionally we have their well known, simple, but tasty Anzac biscuits, with our coffee. This year I noticed they are doing a very special recipe, and calling it, Golden Syrup Anzac Cheesecake….it looks good!

Autumn is upon us here in Canberra, and we are having some lovely mild sunny days, almost time to visit Long Track Pantry again!

Best wishes, enjoy your spring or autumn plans, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.

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20 Replies to “Anzac Day, the 7th Light Horse Harden Brigade, and Anzac biscuits in Jugiong”

  1. A delight to read as always. Anzac Day was commemorated here too at the N Z War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner.

    1. We were interested (and pleased) to know Anzac day was commemorated at the New Zealand War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner.

  2. Once again an informative and interesting post, Geraldine. I have put Long Track Pantry on my bucket list and may have to go and buy a tin of golden syrup in the meantime!

    1. You would love Long Track Pantry and I know exactly what you mean about golden syrup…doesn’t that take you back to your childhood!

  3. I had never heard of Anzac Day until I started reading your blog. As you noted, especially poignant this year. As for that bakery…no wonder you plan your trip around it. Holy cats! So would I if I lived in your area.

  4. That cheesecake looks really scrumptious.
    I love parades and looking at memorials. The Anzac Day commemoration ceremony must have an even more special significance this year with the awful war going on in Ukraine. Great post, Gerrie.

  5. What a lovely history lesson, and I thank you for it. Of course, you had my attention with the word, horse in the post. The little irritations of the day certainly fall into the meaningless column when I think about the atrocities the people of the Ukraine are enduring. God be with them. Beautiful photos, and I would certainly stop at The Long Track Pantry both ways. That is a delicious looking dessert.

    1. yes, you are right, our small problems are nothing compared to war in the Ukraine. On a lighter note, yes, we often do stop at Long Track Pantry and the food is always lovely.

  6. Lovely post. We seem to be a war-like species, don’t we? It’s only a little over a hundred years since Gallipoli and, with brief periods of respite, wars have been going on ever since. On the other hand, we continue to do glorious things, too. I hope you have a wonderful fall!

  7. What a wonderful and interesting post. Good to hear Anzac Day was commemorated once again. If only we could learn from history. Here’s to those autumn days staying

  8. What a pretty town is Jugiong! The Long Track Pantry sounds like a treasure, along with the cheesecake. Such an interesting post, thank you!

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