Autumn in Canberra: The National Arboretum, garden flowers and birdlife.

The poet Mary Oliver liked to go out walking early in the morning. Although her landscape in the USA is undoubtedly different to mine, her poem has universal appeal to all who go out early in the morning.

Softest of mornings hello. And what will you do today, I wonder with my heart…

The National Arboretum of Canberra is a wonderful place to see the sun rise on a soft autumn morning.

Autumn is a very busy time for us, and we are trying get as much planting and tidying done in our garden, before we go and visit other gardens.

So here are just a few photos of our autumn garden…. and of course, the birds that come to visit…

A King Parrot feeding a young chick
Easter daisies are a welcome addition to the autumn garden, the flowers are still attracting the bees
The Chinese Lantern loves an abundance of rain, and has flowered all through the autumn
Charlie cooling down amongst the Japanese anemones
The Crimson Rosella is checking up on the last of our almonds
Our granddaughter loves putting water in the apron of this little statue…
The Pineapple Sage almost covering the window!

The tiny Eastern Spinebill is a regular visitor, feeding on the Pineapple Sage, which has almost taken over this part of the garden.

It is a most elusive little bird, but Paul just managed to get a photo of him with his phone.

My neighbour’s beautiful Banksia shines at us every morning
It is amazing that cockatoos do not electrocute themselves!
Job done!

Thank you for visiting Canberra’s Green Spaces today, and I hope your autumn or spring days are bright and sunny, where ever you are in the world.

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20 Replies to “Autumn in Canberra: The National Arboretum, garden flowers and birdlife.”

  1. These are beautiful photos Gerrie, and the Arboretum is on my list of places to visit, although I doubt that I’ll see it at sunrise.
    I’m surprised you are able to grow a Chinese lantern in Canberra, as I thought they didn’t do well in frosty areas.
    Congratulations to Paul for getting a great photo of the spinebill!

    1. Thanks Jane. I think the only reason the Chinese lantern is doing well is that it is sheltered by a big plum tree next to it. Yes, that Eastern Spinebill has been incredibly nimble this year, and there is a younger one who is even more elusive!

    1. Thanks Susan, yes, gardening is handy for bird watching, as the Cockatoos in particular, don’t take any notice of us.

  2. Your garden always looks like such a place of peace – or maybe not so much when the parrots are around!

    Our tropical rain has finally arrived – it never ceases to amaze me how plants love the rain water – they are never as thankful when it comes out of a tap!

    1. Thanks re the garden, actually it looks a bit messy (as usual in autumn). We notice that you had quite a bit of rain, hope no flooding, it is either a feast or a famine!
      I completely agree, the garden just loves real rain water!

  3. As we Franco-Americans would say, you hit the nail on the piton when you described the worldwide beauty of morning. Yes, everywhere there is a softness and an expectation of a new day. Wonderful pictures of birds and plants, two of my favorite things. Had to call in my husband so that he could admire your pictures, too.

  4. Thank you! Gorgeous landscape, beautiful flowers of all shapes and colors, some of your gorgeous birds, and your pup. Now, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than that even if you are really busy finishing up fall chores. Your birds always make me smile along with your unique flowers.

  5. Such gorgeous photos of that sunrise. It looks so peaceful there. I love your colourful bird visitors and dear Charlie is such a sweetie. Have a wonderful autumn, Gerrie. xxx

  6. Oh my goodness, I feel so mellow after looking at those early morning photos, how I wish I was an early bird. Your autumn garden and delightful and elusive birds are a treat, as always, and as for sweet Charlie….sighs!xxx

    1. Thanks Dina… however I think sweet Charlie has just turned into a teenager…he managed to get behind the TV cabinet and knocked out our internet connection!

  7. What a treat this was! The pictures are awesome. This place in Canberra is so charming and vibrant. Didn’t know about it until I came across your post. Thanks for sharing!

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