Christmas in Canberra: birds, books, bloggers and flowers

Christmas is such a busy time that I’m going to keep this post, short and sweet.

The first sweet item is a book that I ordered online, through Booktopia. It has arrived in time for Christmas! This book is part of a series, written by Laurie Graves. Laurie lives in Maine, USA and I live in Canberra, Australia, so we couldn’t be further apart, but the wonderful part of blogging is getting to know and enjoy fellow bloggers. I have been reading Laurie’s blog posts for a few years now, and I know just how much time and effort she has put into this series.

We are a family who love stories and reading and we’ll enjoy this book. Many thanks Laurie!

Rainbow Lorikeets

My granddaughter pointed out these Rainbow Lorikeets in the playground, completely oblivious of children playing around them.

This Crimson Rosella has spent some time in our garden this year, without a partner….very unusual, hopefully the new year brings a partner.

Another Crimson Rosella, this time at the coast. He or she is navigating the spiky bush very well considering she has a beak full of food!

We recently bought a Hibiscus shrub to put on our deck, and this is the reward, a regular supply of beautiful flowers.

Another Rainbow Lorikeet swaying in the breeze…

A flashback to winter. Every year we get a visit from a pair of Kookaburras, and this year they had two juvenile Kookaburras with them.

There is something endearing about Kookaburras, and perhaps it is their early morning call, one of the unique sounds of the bush in Australia.

We walk past this plant in a neighbour’s garden almost every day in spring. I don’t know the name of this wonderful plant but it lights up the garden in the early morning.

It looks like Waratah flower with the leaves of a Woolly bush.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog post today, and may you all have a peaceful Christmas where ever you are in the world.

PS the header photo is a red flowering Eucalyptus …it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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20 Replies to “Christmas in Canberra: birds, books, bloggers and flowers”

    1. I’m glad the post brought back happy memories, some of the birds are amazing, and taken for granted. Have a peaceful and happy Christmas.

  1. That book certainly looks interesting. Loving the rainbow lorikeets and the charming kookaburras. Ah, here’s to the rosella finding a mate. That sure is a delightful hibiscus. All the very best to you and

    1. Thanks Dina, glad you made a comment today, I was just about to check out your blog. The kookaburras are SO cute, and yes, we are hoping the Rosella will find a mate, or at least join one of the flocks of Rosellas that fly about regularly.

    1. Oh what a coincidence! Yes, the rosellas are very striking, and quite shy compared with our many large noisy birds, like cockatoos.

  2. Many, many thanks! What a thrill to think about Maya traveling to Australia. We are indeed about as far apart on this planet as it is possible to be. I’m officially on a blog break, but when I am back online, I will feature this post on my blog. Again, many thanks!

    1. Yes, very good idea to have a blog break, we are all so busy around this time, and it is also our summer holidays. Lovely to catch up later. Best wishes for Christmas.

    1. Thanks for letting me know the name, I love the plant, and the flower. Best wishes for Christmas and I hope you and your husband have many more bushwalks in the Cape.

  3. You really have the most beautiful birds there. I love your hibiscus flower. I wish mine would flower instead of bring all leaves. Enjoy reading your new book and have a lovely Christmas, Gerrie.

  4. This post brought a smile because your Christmas looks different and way more beautiful than mine. 🙂 We are at 10°F this morning with a sea of icy white snow outside covering everything and downed branches everywhere. Enjoy your colorful Christmas!

    1. Thanks Judy, and yes, our ABC news has shown some of the dreadful snowfalls and storms in various parts of the US. I bet sewing and reading are on the agenda for you.
      I enjoy seeing blog posts of your spring, autumn and summer especially during our winter. (although not as severe of course)
      Best wishes for the holiday season to you and your family.

    1. Happy New Year Brenda, and I hope you are coping with snow and possible blizzards! I always enjoy your blog posts, so hope we continue to read all about your gardening/farming weaving, and occasional holidays with the dogs!

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