Lake Crackenback, kangaroos, canoes and cool air..

Canberra is just a short drive away from the Snowy Mountains… the highest alpine wilderness in Australia.

The Lake Crackenback Resort, near Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, is the perfect cool summer place for us to celebrate our 39th wedding  anniversary….where did the time go?

On our early morning walk we saw this beguiling little kangaroo….she waited patiently while we took about five photos. Can you believe that pose?

Meanwhile we noticed her mother had taken the younger Joey and was waiting anxiously for the star to finish her photo shoot…parents the world over can recognise that anxious look (and blissfully unaware younger brother/sister)

Our young star seems to be saying…

”well, maybe  I will….. maybe I won’t”   (she must be a teenager!)

Phew, she’s hopped down to join her family.

Off to shoot the breeze on the golf course..

Australia is the driest continent on earth, and since the 19th century with expanding settlement and farming, there has been a critical need for irrigation, and a water supply to combat droughts.

The Snowy Mountains, with melting snow and flowing rivers, was ideal for hydro-electricity. Thus began, in 1949 one of the biggest post WW11 projects, the Snowy Mountains Scheme. This scheme changed the course of Australian history in many ways, and definitely deserves its own post, later this year.

In the meanwhile, I’m passing on the canoeing (easy for some)….. but we are ready to try out the excellent pizzas in the Alpine Larder.

Look at the wonderful soft grasses!

I was brought up in Africa, running through grasses trying not to attract snakes and bugs, so I’m a latecomer to how beautiful they look in a landscape like this.

There are fences and gates between the kangaroos and houses, but ….

I bet it is hard to keep all the animals and insects away from new plants..

I loved the use of stone and timber in the house below, for a split second I think how nice it would be to live here…

But…. we are happy just to be here.

So, a toast to our 39th Wedding anniversary, and to having the good fortune to be able to stay in the lovely Snowy Mountains.

…and looking out over this most precious and elusive resource in Australia…water.

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27 Replies to “Lake Crackenback, kangaroos, canoes and cool air..”

  1. Oh, I can just breathe in that peaceful air. Talk about “mirror water” – just like a dream postcard.
    Happy Anniversary.

  2. What a wonderful place to spend time. I remember driving through those mountains in 1958, I think they were still working on the scheme in those days. I look forward to the day when you do a post about the scheme.

  3. Oh those kangaroos! You realise I’m going to be doubly, triply, quadruply envious when I read your posts now, having experienced just a little of the landscape first hand.
    A very Happy Anniversary to you both.

    1. Thanks Jessica, well I”m glad you came…there don’t seem to be many blogs featuring Aussie landscapes, so I’ll look forward to yours…and you can always come again!

  4. Happy anniversary Gerrie. What a delightful place, somewhere else that I’ve added to my list to visit on the big island! That kangaroo is a real star, love your commentary 🙂 Definitely a teenager.

    1. Congratulations on 32 years… All an achievement in this crazy world. Re kangaroos I think the Audrey Hepburn of the kangaroo world won the show.

  5. Way to go guys on your 39th! Yes, obviously you are doing many things right. I raise a glass for you both!
    Loved the Snowy mountains, and as for the kangaroos…. simply lovely! Especially that stroppy teenager.
    I would love to hear more about you being raised in Africa, my father spent many years in South Africa and taught me bits and pieces of many languages, the worst thing he ever did was teaching me to swear fluently in….Afrikaans. He thought nobody would ever understand me….to my shame, many have over the years! You would think you could curse in peace in a foreign language wouldn’t you? xxx

    1. I thought you’d like the teenager…. Animals are just loaded with personality aren’t they? Well your Dad passed on some useful skills, I never could understand any Afrikaans.. hope you got some photos of his time. My Mum lived in Cape Town for many years but my brothers & I were born & brought up in Zambia. I must do a post on that time but don’t have great photos.

      1. I was a child, when learning Afrikaans, it was all about the clicks in the roof of the mouth, I would be incapable of mastering it now.
        Yes….please do post on your childhood, gosh, it just gets more and more fascinating!xxx

    1. By the way Diana, do you follow the blog called Janna Schreier Garden Design? She has a great post called Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Cape Town.

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