Spring flowers at the National Botanic Gardens

October is the perfect time to visit the Botanic gardens in Canberra…


Canberra has had very good winter rainfall, and now, at last, all the plants have sprung into life.


Recently we took a guided tour of the Gardens, called ”Breakfast with the birds”.

It was absolute magic to be able to stroll around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens in the warm early morning sunlight, before the gates were open to the public.

This was followed by a delicious breakfast in the café. A great way to start the day.

img_6337-956x1024Our guide said  Wattle Birds have to check each individual flower in the Grevilleas and usually only find some nectar in about one in ten flowers.



No wonder they are such busy birds. In spring they whiz about our gardens like streaks of light…my neighbour says it is like being in a Star Wars movie sometimes.



This Wattle Bird has a nest just above her head in the Banksia bush.


The ever alert Currawong is in the same bush…waiting..

(I’m pleased to say two Wattle Birds chased it away a few seconds later)


I love looking out for birds, but the colourful native plants were the scene stealers on this day..


The Proteas (Waratahs) look wonderful alongside the ghostly white eucalyptus tree.


And here are more Grevilleas and other spring flowers.




Isopogon formosus


Eastern Spinebill feeding on a Grevillea


Grevillea Flexuosa Zig-Zag Grevillea



I hope you are enjoying your plants, gardens and green spaces in whatever part of the world you call home…

I’d love to know if you have a favourite amongst your own plants.

Copyright Geraldine Mackey  All rights reserved


16 Replies to “Spring flowers at the National Botanic Gardens”

  1. That must have been a lovely tour, so nice to have the place to yourself! It’s marvelous seeing your world spring into life as ours dies down. The birds and fauna are stunning!xxx

    1. Thanks Dina, the nice thing about blogging is reading blogs with the opposite seasons, such great contrasts. I love autumn too, but winter..no so much!

  2. The flowers look so exotic to me. We get them in high end flower arrangements. I just love that bird photo in your header and in the post. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks Donna, the Wattle bird is very expressive. I enjoy the diversity of blogging, and very much enjoy your posts, and lovely photos.

  3. I browsed around at your blog..its all so exotic and beautiful. I see my blogfriend Judy form New England visiting you too! I cannot seem to leave likes, is that correct? I look forward to see more your gorgeous blog and thnak you for stopping by at my. Cheers, form Ohio, Johanna
    ps is Gerrie a Dutch name?

    1. Hi Johanna, I have been enjoying the photos and stories on your blog very much.(and Judy’s) It is such a great way to see the world! Thanks you for visiting my blog, I enjoy writing about my part of the world. My full name is Geraldine, and is Irish.

  4. It’s such a lovely time of the year in Canberra right now. We used to have wattle birds in our garden all the time there; it really takes me back seeing your lovely photos. Lucky you to be able to pop to the National Botanic Gardens and see everything in flower like that!

  5. It must have been wonderful to be in the gardens looking at the birds and plants before it was officially open. The plants and birds do look very exotic to me! Sarah x

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