Spring time in Canberra, the garden, the birds and housing for chickens..

Despite the changeable weather, and perhaps because we have had so much rain, all the spring flowers and bulbs were smiling this year..

The wind blows relentlessly across this part of the garden, but the tulips stand firm… I love them!

The Aquilegias are thriving in the garden, which is quite remarkable because the possum (and family, we think) pay a nightly visit to this part of the garden…. they jump into and over the flowers to get onto the plum tree. Very very annoying!

The garden looks a colourful yellow in early spring, the daffodils defy all odds and come up looking stronger every year. The yellow flowering plant on the left is Bulbinella Nutans, which we bought at Lambley Nursery in Victoria.

Australian native plants have their own colour and beauty especially in the early morning light.

This part of the garden has become very shady, with maturing Manchurian Pear trees, Japanese Maples and big and small birdbaths. All birds have their favourites!

This delicate Japanese Maple attracts the tiny Silver-eye birds and the Honey-eaters. These birds come to the tree even when we are sitting under the branches. Our granddaughter says this is because it is a magic tree.

Paul has grown some lovely vegetables this year. He has just cut some Silverbeet and he gave some to our neighbours, Lois and Sandi.

Sandi made four Spanakopita pies and gave one to us. It was delicious and we took a photo of our empty plates, and sent them to him. Spanakopitas is a Savoury Greek spinach pie.

In early spring we noticed this little Sulphur Crested Cockatoo while we were walking up Heartbreak Hill. It was soon joined by a large (noisy) group of Cockatoos. Phew!

We are frequent visitors to Open Gardens, and quite often we see varied chicken coops.

A chicken coop with a creative flair.
I liked Cluckingham Palace

This chicken coop is in the wonderful estate of Retford Park in Bowral. What lucky chickens, it may even be temperature controlled.

The Retford Park gardens

I hope you are enjoying spring, or autumn in your part of the world. During this time of turbulence across the world, I am acutely aware of the peace, tranquillity, and friendship we find in our garden, our home and our neighbourhood.

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14 Replies to “Spring time in Canberra, the garden, the birds and housing for chickens..”

  1. What a beautiful spring garden you have, Gerrie. The Bulbinella look glorious!
    We have recently had our first frost and we await a storm due to arrrive on Thursday. Autumn has arrived.

    1. Thank you Clare, Paul has worked hard to improve the soil in the garden, and that makes a difference. The Bulbinella is almost iridescent in the sun. I hope all goes well with the storm, always hard to know how intense a storm will be..

  2. Your gardens look beautiful, and I certainly enjoyed your feathered friends. I envy you your neighbors because I’d gladly grow veggies if someone would send over a delicious meal. 🙂 Those chicken coops are interesting. Fresh eggs are a true treat, but those chickens are messy ladies so I smiled at the gorgeous boxwood enclosed one. I love tulips but can’t grow them because of the many chipmunks and squirrels so I enjoy daffodils which they don’t like. Again, your gardens are beautiful and thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Judy, Paul really has worked hard on the garden since he retired…I’m an advisor! I agree with you about chicken coops, and the messy chickens, they are high maintenance aren’t they? Glad we are able to exchange garden stories while we are going into completely different seasons!

  3. Your gardens and yard are so very lovely! All that jaunty yellow. Those are some chicken coops as we would say in Maine. Wonderful to the birds that come to your place. The top picture is especially good. Not easy to get a photo like that. Finally, yay for fresh veggies!

    1. Thanks for the compliment re the garden, spring is a lovely time to walk around the garden and hopefully take photos of birds and flowers. I love the description “all that jaunty yellow”, that is exactly how our garden looked in early spring, yellow everywhere.

  4. My sister Susan was very fond of spanakopita pies from her local bakery when she had a house in the Pelion.

    I like the various chicken houses.

    The Bulbinella Nutans looks lovely and your whole garden looks most inviting. It is good to have some spring pictures as we are slipping towards winter. Keep them coming!

    1. I enjoyed Susan’s stories about Greece, and it was a great distraction during Covid.
      Thanks for the compliment on the garden, spring is a lovely time to share gardens, and I always envy the Northern Hemisphere spring gardens.

  5. I join the others in praising the Bulbinella Nutans–what a beauty. I love the first photo–especially how the sun makes the bird’s feet glow almost as brightly as the flowers (and they match!). And, much as I love seeing your gorgeous flowers as ours are fading, vegetable gardening is my true joy, so seeing Paul with his harvest is just wonderful.

    1. Thanks Brenda, yes it is wonderful having our own fresh vegetables from the garden, and tempts me to look up new recipes.The bower birds are a nuisance, but hopefully our new netting will help to keep them away.
      Best wishes for your autumn garden, and also for your weaving projects..autumn and winter are productive times for weavers I’m sure.

  6. Oh goodness, how lovely to see all those delightful spring flowers! I agree with your granddaughter re the magical tree! Just loved all the chicken coups!xxx

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