The garden, the birds and an occasional kangaroo….quiet distractions from a weary world.

Having featured the Sydney Opera House in my last post, this week the Opera House had displayed the colours of the Ukraine, appropriate for these times

With such turmoil in the world this week, it was a quiet distraction and a joy to take a photo of this lovely Gardenia….the creamy petals are just soaking up the rain amongst the dark green foliage. We have two Gardenias in our garden, and this one has never flowered until this summer. ….it has tried, but the flowers never quite made it.

This summer, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, in our region, we have had 200% more rain than our average summer rainfall. As Canberra is often in drought, there is something magical about rain, and everything is green and growing. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and parts of Queensland and New South Wales are experiencing severe flooding. It is either a feast or famine in Australia.

Meanwhile, our garden is greener than normal, and the zucchinis threaten to take over, along with the borage… I’m looking up recipes which include zucchini whenever I can..

Canberra’s usual season for newborn birds is spring: September, October, November.

This very young magpie is a February baby, and is bravely learning to fly.

Perhaps the abundance of food this year has increased breeding time.

The cockatoos are having field day eating from all the fruit trees. In our immediate neighbourhood they are enjoying plums, apples and wonder they look so healthy!

…..and you can just throw the rest away, Paul and Gerrie will clean up the mess

These young Galahs look quite endearing, but when they are waiting to be fed they make a very insistent chanting call. I’m glad they are not in our garden!

One of the paths we walk almost every day.

Recently my neighbour went for an early morning walk, and as she past Ken’s garden, she saw a kangaroo grazing. Kangaroos sometimes come down from Mount Taylor to eat on the sweet and abundant grasses in the surrounding suburbs.

I rushed out with my camera, but the kangaroo had disappeared by the that time.

Red Hot Pokers, in Ken’s garden, and Mount Taylor in the distance..

However, I’ve added a photo of a kangaroo, because we do have many kangaroos living in the bushland between suburbs in Canberra. It is not unusual to see kangaroos on our morning walks. The photo below was taken on an early morning walk along Chapman Ridge.

Kangaroos waking up slowly on a winter’s morning on Mount Taylor.

When the rain finally stops, it is a joy to see the Brindabella Mountains again, especially as it was only two years since the devastating summer bushfires were burning on these mountains, how nature replenishes and repairs…

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and best wishes to all those, especially children, trapped in the madness of war. Having taught many children from war-torn countries, what they taught me is to never give up hope.

Geraldine Mackey: All Rights Reserved.

20 Replies to “The garden, the birds and an occasional kangaroo….quiet distractions from a weary world.”

  1. What a great post full of colour and interest, the Opera House in Ukrainian colours a reminder of solidarity the world over against this terrible war.

  2. G, Thanks for making it easier to comment on your lovely blog. So fun to see what goes on in your world.
    Yes the world is changing in ways we do not desire. How one madman/egoist can create so much devastation is beyond comprehension. Why humans continue to pollute our planet is profoundly sad. We really must dig hard to find any good. As the planet reels from COVID, we are being kicked while we are down.
    By the way, if you suffer from inflammation, consider eliminating inflammation foods like potatoes, squash, tomatoes. This winter I researched anti-inflammatory diet and a book entitled The Plant Paradox which has been so helpful. One of my last blog posts have links to helpful life as we age articles. Good luck and happy winter.

  3. Beautiful opening photo of the Opera House. A consolation in all this horror is the solidarity among so many countries for Ukraine. Only time will tell whether this makes a difference. On a happier note…I was enchanted by the pictures of your garden, the birds, and kangeroos. Glad you are getting more rain, but you are absolutely right that there can be too much. On the news, I’ve seen pictures of the floods. Oh, my!

    1. Thanks Laurie, I agree it is good to see the solidarity across much of the world. The baby birds are very cute and lovely to see them growing. The floods are dreadful in the northern states, and more rain expected today.

  4. Lovely to see the Ukrainian colours displayed on the Sydney Opera House. God help the people and animals on both sides. That is a stunning gardenia. How lovely and lush your garden and vegies are looking. I did enjoy the photos of those delightful birds and kangaroos. Oh…those mountains.

    1. I agree, God help the people and the animals. I thought you’d like the birds and kangaroos, and the mountains, aren’t they looking grand after those awful bushfires!

  5. Applause to the Opera House for displaying the colors of the day. You could have titled this – This is Australia! What beautiful photos, and I always learn something. I love to see your colorful birds, but I wouldn’t be too happy if those were my fruit trees. 🙂 I can’t grow squash because disease and pests always take them down. 200% increase in rain is really something, but your garden looks lush and beautiful. I know you don’t appreciate the flooding, but I bet you just smile when you see how green everything is this year. The gardenia is gorgeous, and I can almost smell its wonderful scent. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Judy! We have lost a lot of fruit and even more vegetables this year, through little bugs and pests we’ve never had before…no doubt because of our wet conditions.

  6. A lovely post, Geraldine especially seeing your garden so green and lush!I am sorry for those caught up in the floods; as you say one can often have too much of a good thing.
    I too, am comforted in this frightening time by all the signs of support for Ukraine from all over the world. I hope and pray that the strife will come to an end soon and that the Ukrainian people will continue to be in charge of their own country. We have to have hope in our hearts.

    1. Yes, we are keeping hope in our hearts too, especially children and families who are split up.
      Here in Canberra we are enjoying the lush green garden ..while it lasts! Best wishes to you and your family Clare, and many thanks for the comment.

  7. My heart goes out to all those who have lost nurtured and treasured gardens in the floods this week. So much love goes into creating our nature and food spaces. Maybe someone who needs it will see your tranquil garden and feel the peace in it.

    1. I agree, I feel very sorry for the flood affected regions, where people’s homes and gardens have just disappeared before their eyes. This is where the seed-savers can help and replenish.

  8. The opera house in blue and gold is really spectacular. You really do have the prettiest birds in your part of the world, Gerrie. A lovely post as always.

    1. Thanks Sylvia, yes I love taking photos of the birds, they are often full of character too. Hope all is going well since your hip op.

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