The Sydney Opera House on Australia Day 2022

My blog is intended to highlight Canberra, and green spaces, but every now and then, Sydney, this beautiful city, takes over, especially on Australia Day!

Recently I featured two of Tim Read’s photos of Bondi Beach, and this morning Tim was up before dawn to take these lovely photos.

The Sydney Opera House Copyright Tim Read: All Rights Reserved.

The Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney Harbour and is made up of a series of gleaming white sailed-shaped shells as its roof structure. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most photographed buildings in Australia, and especially beautiful at dawn and dusk.

The Dawn Projection and much of the Sydney program this year is guided by First Nations representatives and features many of the First Nations artists showcasing their stunning artistic works on the Opera House.

What a wonderful start to Australia Day!

As my blog is about green spaces, I marvel that early urban planners in Sydney, have managed to save so much greenery, especially around the beautiful Opera House. You can only imagine how developers these days would love to build on these green spaces!

Hyde Park

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, and many thanks to Tim for getting up before dawn to take such lovely photos of the Sydney Opera House.

Happy Australia Day!

16 Replies to “The Sydney Opera House on Australia Day 2022”

  1. What stunning pictures of the Opera House. How far sighted the early planners were to leave the green for all to enjoy.

    1. Yes Tim’s photos are stunning, and I agree, early planners perhaps lived in a simpler world, but they got it right.

  2. Every time I visit Sydney, a city I lived in for 35 years and still miss, I’m amazed at the tree lined streets. Even in the inner suburbs with their narrow streets, trees soften the streetscape and cool the atmosphere. The country town I live in has nowhere near the greenery that Sydney has. The Opera House looked fabulous in its new colours, a wonderful sight.

    1. Yes, I agree Sydney’s streets are full of tree-lined streets, it is such a bonus in summer, and the Jacaranda trees are my favourite.

  3. Happy Australia Day! That is one amazing building and green space just makes it even better. Here in my winter spot, they build on every available inch and the only green space are the golf courses. If you don’t play golf, you definitely aren’t seeing grass here. It’s a shame. At home, they tore down our old opera house building and built swanky condos. They did add a touch of green that makes me smile when I drive by. They have a corner that they really could build on so they make a tiny little park with benches, plants, and trees. Nice.

    1. How sad to have the old opera house building knocked down for condos. The lack of vision, and utter greed of developers seems to win out. In the last few years Canberra
      has an explosion of new suburbs and developments in the city centre….no thought to space and gardens. Dreadful!

  4. The Opera House is really stunning. I’d love to see inside. Tim’s photos are outstanding. Thanks for sharing the green spaces too. So important to have.

    1. Thanks Sylvia, the inside of the building is interesting too, and there is lovely place inside to sit and have a coffee or a glass of wine, and admire the view!

  5. nice photo of the Opera House on Aus Day by Tim reid, but how about mentioning the Artist
    David Miller from Pipalyatjara in SA

    1. Hi Richard, thank you for the suggestion. My Opera House Australia Day post was done in a hurry as I only saw Tim’s photo in the late morning. My problem sometimes is getting the right photos (and permission) for the story. However, I will edit that post to include David Millar’s fantastic work. I will also do a separate blog post on David Millar, with links to his art work. Best wishes to you both.

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