Cairns, sunshine and green spaces all the way to the Botanical gardens…

In early August we flew out of Canberra in our coats (minus 2 degrees) and arrived in Cairns, Far North Queensland, at midday…I took this photo as we had some coffee in the 27 degree sunshine….now the secret is out..

Cairns is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, but the city council should also be congratulated on their town planning and green spaces.


In Cairns is it possible to walk from the centre of the city all the way along the Harbour to the Botanical Gardens on the edge of the city….all that land preserved for the public.

The Esplanade has a collection of wonderful shallow pools for children to play and swim. Further along the boardwalk are playgrounds and spaces for older teenagers and young adults to play games such as volley ball.


The path is wide enough for pedestrians to walk either way….and, there is a separate wide path for cyclists….

These sorts of green spaces give a whole community a sense of wellbeing and belonging.


We took a leisurely stroll into Cairns in the evening…


…and then a leisurely stroll back towards the Botanical gardens…


Unfortunately we missed our booked guided tour of the Botanical Gardens due to rain…but here are a few photos of the gardens and the plants ….


….so very different from our plants in the south..

Acanthaceae Justicia Carnea Jacobinia



Leguminosae Brownea grandiceps


img_4620-1024x822-929x805 img_4622-1024x643


Ground orchid
Waeszewiczia Coccinea








The plant below was my  absolute favourite, called Bumpy Satinash…The sign on this tree says,

it has aromatic flowers that attract many animals and insects, including possums, lorikeets and fruit bats to feed on the copious nectar,


It looked wonderful growing beside the magnificent Paperbark Melaleuca tree ..


And back at our hotel… is goodnight from the resident Kookaburra…


and in the dawn chorus of kookaburras, here is Junior Kookaburra just enjoying some early morning sun, and learning the ropes..


I hope you are enjoying your green spaces, where ever you live…..and that you have many paths to choose from…

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22 Replies to “Cairns, sunshine and green spaces all the way to the Botanical gardens…”

  1. The waterfront in Cairns sounds wonderful. Perhaps the greatest decision ever made in Chicago was when the Lake Michigan lakefront (almost all of it) was preserved as public space.

    1. I’m glad that decision was made in Chicago… Unfortunately some of Canberra’s public space around the lake is being ear-marked for development…rather depressing.

    1. Queensland is a wonderful place to visit…in the winter…their summer is just too hot, but the plants are wonderful all year long..

    1. Cairns would have similar temperatures to Florida I think? Kooka Junior is just beyond cute (as my daughters would say!) Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Oh, how delicious, I loved the place when I visited, I saw the humpbacks there, an experience I’ll remember to my dying day. You are lucky, living where you do, I am glad I can visit now though

    1. How lucky to see Humpback whales, we have just seen the tail of one coming out of the water, and that was amazing! Queensland is a gorgeous place to visit (a bit too hot for me in summer) but ideal escape in our winter.

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