Yarralumla in spring; blossoms, birds and kangaroos….

Can the centre of government be fifteen minutes walk away from this bay?

I often think our grandchildren will hardly be able to comprehend this innocent time when Parliament House is surrounded by quiet suburbs like Yarralumla, where people walk dogs, ride bikes, and play golf.

Yarralumla is named after the Indigenous people’s term for the area, and means ”echo”.


Yarralumla has lovely walking tracks with views of the Governor General’s residence.

The Governor General’s House and the beautiful Brindabella Mountains as the backdrop…

This is a working property where heads of state, and royalty visit, and many events are hosted during the year.

Despite the grandeur, one of the challenges of the Governor General’s House and garden is the ongoing problem of  the resident cockatoos and kangaroos….


These kangaroos are having a charmed life near the entrance to the Governor General’s House with all the lush greenery around …meanwhile a strange sounding hooter is attempting to frighten away the cockatoos from the main gardens….although I imagine it would take more than a hooter to frighten a determined cockatoo.


Walter Burley Griffin, the talented architect from Chicago who designed this garden city, could not have imagined that kangaroos and cockatoos could be such a problem in the future!

Along the walking track at Yarralumla is the Royal Golf Club. A few years ago, this photo below made headlines  in many parts of the world……

Australian Open Interrupted by Kangaroos

Courier mail.com.au

In 2013 golfer Karrie Webb waits for the kangaroos to clear the fairway during the Australian Open….

I believe someone kindly lifted some fencing for this mob to jump out of the limelight!

Meanwhile on this spring day in Yarralumla…


Amongst  the great variety of trees we saw many birds feeding..


The young Australian King Parrots almost disappearing into the oak leaves…


The adults are watching over them from above….


Crimson rosellas feasting on spring flowers..

We pass the Heritage Nursery…this is a place where plants just leap out to be bought,  but today I’m going to show restraint with plants (and chocolate!)


…..and to end a lovely day’s walk.. here  is a view of Telstra Tower on Black Mountain..

This tower is disliked by many, but for me…and I know for others, when we are travelling back to Canberra after a long car trip…the sight of the Telstra Tower silhouetted against the sky means we are nearly home..


and there is no place like home….

I hope this is true for you too.

Enjoy your home and green spaces where ever you are in the world…





























24 Replies to “Yarralumla in spring; blossoms, birds and kangaroos….”

  1. How beautiful and amazing that the Governor can live in such public place; I don’t think you would get so close to Chequers in England, but maybe there is more security than is visible – all the better for that.

    1. Yes, I love the Governor General’s House on the lake, glad you liked it. Security, in all public places has really escalated in recent times here too.

  2. Happy Spring. I am so looking forward to cooler months here, as this summer has been one of the hottest on record with high humidity…

    What is that tower about? Telecommunications?

    I imagine the leavings of those roos on the golf course are many and unpleasant. Are roo populations controlled?

    1. I sympathise, heat & humidity are dreadful…impossible to do anything. Yes, Telstra Tower is a Telecommunications. There are a variety of programs to try to control kangaroo population in Canberra, with varied success. Also huge new fences along some expressways to keep the kangaroos off roads.
      Hope you get some lovely autumn weather soon. Has your little bird survived?

  3. Such colourful birds, Gerrie. What a beautiful place to go walking, and such gorgeous spring blossoms I’m sure those cockatoos are laughing three bags full about the hooter. 😀 What a funny thing to have all those kangaroos interrupting the golf!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m glad to be able to show that Canberra is more than just the seat of government. I’ve been enjoying your posts too.

  4. Such a beautiful photo of the Governor General’s house. Canberra is just so beautiful, I certainly hope all those lovely quiet leafy spots don’t completely disappear for generations to come…

  5. Those photos are amazing. I especially love the photos with the kangaroos. I recall you mentioning building a fence to keep the animals out. However, wouldnt building a fence be pointless, because kangaroos jump so high?

    1. Thanks Vinny .. Glad you liked the photos. There are some very high fences along the highways around Canberra & they are too high for kangaroos to jump over.

  6. How lovely, getting to see your spring as we move into autumn. It’s a shame when a species begins to take over isn’t it, culls are such dreadful things. When we lived in Oz, kangaroos absolutely fascinated me, such beautiful creatures. Your birds always take my breath away, such fabulous colours.
    A girl should NEVER show restraint where plants and chocolate are concerned!xxx

    1. Thanks Dina, the Aussie birds are lovely that is for sure… and the kangaroos! I have shown a weakness for plants and chocolate this week, so I’m glad I’m off the hook.

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