Spring time at the coast

December is such a hectic Christmas month, I’m taking a nostalgic look at our visit to the South Coast of New South Wales in spring

…a stroll along the beach early on a soft spring day

IMG_2883 (1024x512)

plenty of time to take in the details……

patterns in the water…

IMG_0274 (1024x641)

……..on the sand and the rocks

IMG_5745 (1024x691)IMG_5733 (1024x736)

and little worlds,  all going about their day

IMG_1904 (1024x768)

Later, we had coffee looking out over the Narooma breakwater….

IMG_2992 (1024x581)

then we walked along  the craggy path to the headlands… I wished I’d had this photo while I was still teaching..

IMG_3005 (1024x892)

We watched seals sunbaking on the rocks at the headlands…..regardless of the waves crashing up against them…

IMG_3015 (1024x850)

Turning back from the headlands, is Narooma with Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) in the background.

IMG_3011 (1024x580)

I love the inlets around Narooma, so still and calm…I’d rather be a pelican than a seal any day!

IMG_2984 (1024x505)

On the way home we passed a valley full of lilies…yet I have trouble growing one or two in Canberra..

IMG_5864 (1024x874)



Here is a hedge surrounding the car park at the local supermarket, a master-stroke of design for a public place, hardy and useful for birds. Grevilleas are planted along the southern side.


IMG_5872 (1024x825)

The wattle birds and parrots are feeding and chatting everywhere


IMG_5882 (1024x1003)


IMG_5884 (1024x649)IMG_5846 (1024x531)

On the side of a busy road, this New Zealand Christmas bush was flowering in all its splendour

IMG_6051 (1024x710)

We took a quiet back track through a small forest of spotted gum trees on our way home.

A curious Red-necked Pademelon, (related to a Wallaby) stood looking at us..It was so quiet he stayed for a while

….and made our day.

IMG_5951 (1024x1015)

When we arrived back at our friend’s house, (Gardener Extraordinaire), her neighbours had given her some kangaroo paws and bottlebrushes from the garden.

So much to see and do on a spring day at the coast!

IMG_0313 (1024x706)



All photos copyright to Gerrie Mackey







17 Replies to “Spring time at the coast”

  1. A-maz-ing photographs!!!!!!!!!! Your world is off the charts beautiful! So glad to see these views, as I will never make it to your shores in person, unless time travel is perfected. In the meantime I will live vicariously!

    Such sweet critters too. Truly, your world is enviable!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours! Diane

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Diane…lovely to be able to share these places. Happy Christmas to you too, and a peaceful and happy new year..

    1. Yes, he is just beyond cute really….so glad to be able to share photos like that. I’ve just looked at your post on Norway…WOW and we are living in the same world! Wonderful!

    1. I’ll look at your post today……yes, my mother who lived in Cape Town loved arum lilies, I wished she could have seen them growing wild!

  2. And such a beautiful coast it is! Also love that parking lot hedge – wonderful. But one question – what exactly is the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby?

    1. I thought of your post on hedges when I took the photo of the parking lot hedge…may there be many more! A kangaroo is larger, and lives in open grass lands, feeds on grasses, the wallaby is smaller and lives in forest areas and eat leaves. The Pademelon is the smallest wallaby …I’ve never seen one before…very shy…and cute!

  3. Gosh, so beautiful. The colours of the Australian coast line are just stunning. I love your capturing of the little ecosystem ‘worlds’. And if you want to see more pademelons, Port Arthur in Tasmania is the place. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them! They make for an extremely slow journey at dawn or dusk as they seem to love the roadside. They are very sweet though.

    1. Thanks Janna…it is lovely to be able to share some of those photos of the coast. Thanks for the tip on pademelons…we are thinking of a trip to Tasmania next year and it would be lovely to see them making a slow journey at dawn…they are, as my daughter said ”beyond cute”!

    1. Thanks Sylvia…yes, the Pademelon was a new one for me too and I’ve lived in Australia for a long time. They are, apparently very shy.

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